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Monthly Maintenance

 Keep your website fresh and secure

Website Maintenance

Keep it up to date and safe…

Website Maintenance

Over many years of producing websites, JMF have grown to learn that website maintenance is a crucial part of website design and development. When a website is launched, it’s important to protect it from hackers that can get into your website and corrupt files, in turn taking down your site. 

They do this by taking advantage of the tools running on your website. If these tools are not updated correctly your site will become vulnerable and prone to an attack, therefore it is extremely important to keep the tools in the site updated. This will ensure the site, as a whole, will continue to run quickly and efficiently.


Consider a maintenance plan! Like insurance, everyone thinks they won’t need it until that fateful day that they regret not having it…

Website Maintenance Plan

What do you get for your money…

Website Maintenance

We keep a close eye on every aspect of your website. Keeping your website up to date plays a crucial part in protecting your website, utilising all of the latest features that the internet offers which in turn will speed up your website and help it rank over your competitors. Google punishes websites that are not kept up to date.

Security & Protection

We continuously monitor your website checking for spam, malware, brute force attacks and general annoying attacks from competitors etc. This ensures that your website is a safe place to visit, which, in turn, will improve your Google ranking. We also add a firewall to your website to ensure that hackers get nowhere near the files they want to. 

Backups and Reports

We backup your website weekly so that we can recall this backup should something go wrong with your website. Monthly reports are generated to show you just what it is that we have done each month to protect your website, Visitor analytics is also displayed month by month giving you the tools to improved your visitors experience.

So what are you waiting for?

£97.50 Per Month (Billed Annually)

Free SEO Audit.

Check how your website is ranking against your competitors.

Would you like to know how your site measures up? Unlike most SEO companies we understand that SEO for most people sounds like witchcraft, with our FREE audit we will are able to offer advice that will help your website to rank well.

*Please note we will not spam your inbox with unwanted emails, we know the feeling.

SEO Audit